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Coaching Services


Academic Reading and Writing Instruction

I coach secondary and college students in learning logical ways to break down and organize ideas. I offer structured writing, grammar, and vocabulary programs as well as help with complex research and analytical essays. The structured skills programs can be taught during the summer when students are not consumed by the next deadline and can lean into the learning. 

College Application Essay Coaching

I encourage students to undertake this essay as a summer project that allows them to complete a  normally stress-inducing  "assignment"  with a lot of time,  loving support, and with  a friendly video-enhanced program. Simultaneous to the students watching this program, I guide them in writing exercises that help them to discover their unique voices and identity themes.  When I was a college teacher, I became aware of how College Admissions Committees view application essays and can answer the question students and parents often ask: "But what do the colleges want?"



Study and Executive Function (Organizational) Skills Coaching

Trained by Executive Function expert, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, I work with students in grade-level or advanced classes to apply EF techniques to encourage a life-work balance. I offer a variety of note-taking, test preparation, and research paper planning strategies. Students can access my extensive electronic "Study Skills" binder--a resource that they can use throughout their academic careers.

Critical Reading and Writing

 I help students to decode, improve vocabulary, and master higher-level language activities. I use multimedia and summary renditions of texts to make challenging texts more accessible and fun. By working with visuals,  color-coded charts, and graphic organizers, many of my students have overcome writing anxiety--an area of special interest to me.  Exceptionally bright students often struggle with writing because complicated and nuanced ideas are difficult to harness and organize; once students realize that their struggles are a side effect of their very strengths,  they gain confidence in their eventual success.  

Transitioning to College: Organizational and Academic Skill Building

In six sessions in the summer before freshmen year, I meet with students to discuss the ideas contained in Dr. Andrea Brenner's, book, How to College. We use the students' college website to prepare the resources they will need. In addition, I teach an overview of reading, note-taking, exam prep, and writing skills across college disciplines.

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